1930s Headstone Tunnel

The late David Hey was a great railway photographer. You can see his photos at his memorial website: https://davidheyscollection.myshopblocks.com/ (opens in new tab)

He was also a fine painter! I particularly like this dramatic oil painting which graces the front of the book “Through Limestone Hills” by Bill Hudson (who was also another fine railway photographer!). It gives a really good feel of the “explosion” that must have occurred when a steam locomotive burst out of the tunnel!

Headstone Tunnel by David Hey
Train emerging from the Headstone Tunnel The David Hey Collection

The line closed for passenger traffic in 1968. Here we can see that one track has already been lifted…it won’t be long before the other track goes.. still not many trees..

1971 Monsal Viaduct - looking eastwards
1971 Monsal Viaduct – looking eastwards © Mike Higginbottom

2023 – Lots of trees! It’s now difficult to see the stone wall that surrounds the tunnel entrance

2023 - Headstone Tunnel
2023 -Headstone Tunnel

a nearby viewpoint from Google Streetview